My name is Nader Dalbani.

I am a paper money (banknotes) collector from Beirut, Lebanon and this website is an archive for my collection.

How it all started?

Well, I started my collection in 1997. My first banknote was the 1 Pound of Cyprus which I kept after my first trip to Cyprus. Later on I started collecting banknotes from every country I traveled to. And so it became my hobby...

My goal is to collect at least one banknote from all the countries of the world.

I get my notes from countries that I go to, swap meet and flea markets, and from friends who help me in my quest. This collection is more than a is a Passion!

Important Notes:

These some useful information regarding my collections:

My Acknowledgement List

This is a list to acknowledge the people who helped me in my collection by either giving me , swapping with me, selling me, or facilitating the arrival of some banknotes... Thank you for your help in making my collection what it is now, it wouldn't be the same without you.

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Pick Number

What is a pick number and why is it needed? The pick system allows banknote collectors and dealers from all over the world to easily recognize exactly which note is being discussed, sold or traded. It is a universal system to understand a certain note that can cross any boarder or language barrier.

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Banknotes of the World

After a deep study and analysis of various sources, this is the list of all the world countries that a collector may have. A country in a union is kept in the list if it has a different subscript in the union banknotes. Some of these banknotes are not legal tender but are collectible items.

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Wanted Countries

some of these banknotes are either unattainable or are very expensive but these are the missing countries from my collection... Out of 350 countries that issued banknotes:

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